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Joie De Vivre featuring Lindsay Minton from Football, Etc. - I Was Sixteen Ten Years Ago

How many times can you sit at home alone
And listen to that same old record and not get tired?
I’ve made more friends doing this than I could ask for
I’ve made more friends doing this than I care for


I left my cat out in the rain for about 0.2 seconds too long, which makes for some interesting facial expressions.

very human faces for a cat



I love it when a track ends up warmer than expected.

For all I remember is punk rock
and songs we didn’t sing

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Banner Pilot - Spanish Reds

Here’s the spring, I wanna know everything. 
All of your washed up dreams, and where you been. 
Northwest town you grew up in. 
Everything you did. Wish I could have met you as a kid. 
Back when we had a path, but we lost it. 
Wake up drained and exhausted. 

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